Enhance innovation and technology

Victoria offers a diverse range of capabilities in innovation and technology with internationally recognised research institutes and organisations, leading technology platforms and infrastructure and businesses that are global leaders. The Department supports these activities in a number of ways.

Science, technology and innovation

The Department aims to stimulate Victoria's innovation skills, knowledge and capabilities as a foundation for our future economic, environmental and social prosperity. It is committed to further developing and growing the science, technology and innovation base and to taking the state forward as a dynamic and innovative economy.

By further strengthening Victoria's innovation capabilities, a robust science and technology base will be built to meet the challenges of climate change, our ageing population, market globalisation and intensifying international competition.

Victoria's Design Industry

In Victoria, more than 195,000 people are employed in design related roles, with the sector, contributing $7.3 billion annually to the state's economy and generating an estimated $204 million in design-related exports.

Victorian Design Initiatives 2012-15 is a $10 million commitment to support best practice design to build business capability and enable Victorian businesses and communities to grow and develop, locally and globally.

The Department commissioned Wallis Consulting Group to undertake research and analysis on the use of design by Victorian businesses and education, training and development for the next generation of designers. The reports include:

Victoria's ICT industry

Victoria's Technology Plan for the Future – Information and Communication Technology is an $85 million plan to support continuing growth, development and global competitiveness in Victoria's ICT sector and promote ICT-enabled innovation across the economy. This plan supports the ICT sector in overcoming current and future challenges while ensuring ICT continues to play a key role in contributing to a competitive, productive and growing Victorian economy.

The Department requests the participation of Victorian ICT companies in its annual survey to ensure that its programs and policies are supported by good quality information on industry trends. Aggregate data from the survey is provided back to all survey respondents.

Victoria's financial services industry

Victoria's financial services sector is now the largest contributor to the Victorian economy.
The Department aims to further strengthen this contribution by assisting Victorian financial service businesses to grow locally and internationally through programs which support engagement, networking, international partnering, education and research. 

Digital government

The Victorian Government's ICT Strategy provides high-level direction on the design and use of information and technology to deliver better government services.

Voucher programs

The Department assists businesses in developing and commercialising new products and processes through initiatives such as the Innovation Voucher Program (IVP).

The IVP is separate but complementary to the Technology Voucher Program. It provides responsive and nimble funding to help small and medium enterprises access the facilities and know-how needed to innovate and to help companies or publicly funded research organisations improve their ability to service industry projects.