Industry Atlas of Victoria

What kinds of industries are located in Victoria and where do skilled Victorians live and work? How have changes in the Victorian economy affected the distribution of businesses and people?

Produced by the Department, the Industry Atlas of Victoria answers these and many other similar questions. It is a graphic snapshot of the State's economy – in Melbourne and regional Victoria and profiles industry and employment trends in Victoria from 2001 to 2011.

Chapter 1: About the Industry Atlas

Chapter 1 - About the Industry Atlas (PDF 851.87 KB)PDF icon

  • Overview of the Victorian economy
  • What data is used?
  • ABS classifications
  • Geography standards and map creation

Chapter 2: Business establishments in Victoria

Chapter 2 - Business establishments in Victoria (PDF 1226.42 KB)PDF icon

  • Business establishments by industry
  • Business establishments by location
  • Business establishments by size

Chapter 3: Metropolitan Melbourne

Chapter 3 - Metropolitan Melbourne (PDF 1246.08 KB)PDF icon

  • The development of metropolitan Melbourne
  • Melbourne's labour market
  • Changes in employment
  • Movements within the Melbourne labour force

Chapter 4: Regional Victoria

Chapter 4 - Regional Victoria (PDF 1802.02 KB)PDF icon 

  • Regional Victoria's labour market
  • Changes in employment
  • Future employment in regional Victoria
  • Movements within the regional workforce
  • Special focus: Victoria's specialisation in Agriculture

Chapter 5: Manufacturing in Victoria

Chapter 5 - Manufacturing in Victoria (PDF 2130.68 KB)PDF icon

  • Manufacturing business establishments in Victoria
  • Manufacturing employment in Victoria
  • Manufacturing employment in Melbourne
  • Manufacturing employment in Melbourne by sub-sector
  • Manufacturing employment in regional Victoria
  • Victorian manufacturing exports
  • Special focus: Victorian manufacturing specialisations

Chapter 6: Services

Chapter 6a - Services (PDF 2030.01 KB)PDF icon 

Chapter 6b - Services (PDF 1156.87 KB)PDF icon 

  • Services industries in Victoria
  • Services industries in Melbourne
  • Employment in Melbourne's knowledge intensive services
  • Employment in Melbourne's population related services
  • Employment in Melbourne's goods distributing services
  • Services industries in Regional Victoria
  • Special focus: Electricity, gas, water and waste services
  • Victorian services exports

Chapter 7: Skills and knowledge

Chapter 7a - Skills and knowledge (PDF 1958.17 KB)PDF icon

Chapter 7b - Skills and knowledge (PDF 1345.35 KB)PDF icon

  • Victoria's workforce skills
  • Skills and occupations
  • Fastest growing occupations
  • Skilled migration

Accessible Word version

Industry Atlas of Victoria 2013 (DOC 310.5 KB)DOC icon