Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values

The Department's Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values support the Government's strategic direction for a stronger, fairer and safer Victoria. In particular the Department supports the Government's goal of a stronger economy with sustained growth.

Our ability to deliver our vision is underpinned by our values and the behaviours that flow from them.


Victoria is Australia's leading economy - innovative, dynamic and sustainable.


To work with business, Government and the community to boost productivity, exports, investments and jobs.


  • Assist businesses in accessing skilled workers to align with Victoria's industry needs
  • Promote Victoria to attract tourists, investors and students
  • Support organisations and Government to boost their productivity through innovation and technology
  • Provide market intelligence and assistance to organisations to make it easy to invest in Victoria
  • Create more opportunities for Victorian communities and businesses  to grow and become more productive and competitive in the global marketplace


The Department has embraced the following organisational values which are outlined in the Public Administration Act 2004.


We will work to clear objectives in a transparent manner, accept responsibility for decisions and actions, seek to achieve the best use of resources and submit to appropriate scrutiny.


We will treat others fairly and objectively, prevent discrimination, harassment and bullying and consider the views of others.


We will provide frank, impartial and timely advice, provide high quality services and identify and promote best practice.


We will be open, honest and transparent, use power responsibly, address or report improper conduct, avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest and strive to earn and sustain public trust.


We will make decisions and provide advice based on merit, avoid bias, favouritism or self-interest, act fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and implement all Government policy equitably.


We will lead by example, actively implement, promote and support these values and be accountable and take responsibility for outcomes.

The Department recognises that its people are critical to its ability to deliver high quality business and community outcomes. The values highlight how staff should take responsibility for outcomes and work together to foster a people-oriented culture within all work environments.