Victoria's Technology Plan for the Future - Information and Communication Technology

ICT Plan for Future Cover

Victoria's Technology Plan for the Future – ICT is an $85 million plan to support continuing growth, development and global competitiveness in Victoria's ICT sector and promote ICT-enabled innovation across the economy.

The Plan will support the ICT sector in overcoming current and future challenges while ensuring ICT continues to play a key role in contributing to a competitive, productive and growing Victorian economy.

The plan covers two key action areas:

Capability development

Working closely with the ICT sector to ensure that the right conditions exist in Victoria to support the growth of internationally competitive and recognised ICT businesses.

Initiatives in this action area focus on:

  • Growing Victorian ICT – facilitating investment; supporting ICT companies to pursue trade opportunities and opportunities from the National Broadband Network; partnering with ICT networks and associations; and facilitating access to government contracts.
  • Developing emerging ICT capabilities - supporting collaborative projects in the ICT sector and with other partners to develop emerging ICT capabilities in Victoria.

ICT enabled-innovation

Working with industry and the education and research sectors to ensure high level ICT capabilities are in place to support innovation across the economy, including R&D infrastructure and expertise, skilled and innovative people and high-capacity broadband infrastructure.

  • Initiatives in this action area focus on:
    Skilled and innovative people - implementing a suite of ICT skills initiatives in partnership with industry and the education sector to support the development of a highly skilled and innovative ICT workforce in Victoria.
  • Broadband infrastructure – ensuring broadband infrastructure supports business innovation and productivity, as well as generating economic and social benefits across the State.
  • World-class R&D capabilities – supporting Victoria's ICT R&D and eResearch capabilities.
  • Applying ICT – supporting the early adoption of ICT across the economy and implementing innovative applications of ICT to deliver government services.
Victoria's Technology Plan for the Future – ICT is the third of a suite of technology statements to support Victorian technology industries and technology-enabled innovation, with other plans focussed on Biotechnology and Small Technologies.

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