Advisory Bodies

The Department's Advisory Bodies report either directly to the Minister responsible or to the Department.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Ministerial Advisory Council
This Council focuses on realising the benefits to consumers from Smart Meters and will ensure that Victorians have a strong voice in the program. It provides a collaborative framework for key stakeholders, including consumer groups and industry representatives, to work towards bringing forward the benefits of the Smart Meter program.

Brown Coal Innovation Australia Limited
Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA) is a not-for-profit company with a mandate to co-invest with stakeholders in brown coal innovation and emissions reduction technologies.

BCIA aims to secure a sustainable future for Australia's world-class brown coal resource. We will do this by progressing brown coal innovation and emissions reduction research and development and by serving as a focal point for programs and projects already underway.

Coal Resource Victoria Advisory Committee
The Coal Resource Victoria Advisory Committee comprises membership from a broad range of key stakeholders that have experience and expertise in issues associated with the substantial brown coal resource Victoria, predominantly the Gippsland area.

Defence Council Victoria
The Council advises and guides the Government on strategies and initiatives to develop and sustain unique capabilities within Victoria's defence industry. Its members represent a broad range of experience across defence operations, equipment acquisitions and business and commercial practice.

Earth Resources Ministerial Advisory Council
The Earth Resources Ministerial Advisory Council provide advice to the Energy and Resources Minister on the sustainable development of the resources sector. Membership of the Council includes representatives from industry peak bodies, water catchment management authorities, local government and the Victorian Farmers Federation.

Electric Line Clearance Consultative Committee
Provides advice to Energy Safe Victoria or the Minister on matters relating to the clearance of electric lines, inclusive of the preparation and maintenance of the Code of Practice for Electric Line Clearance (Vegetation) 1999 (established under Section 87).

Manufacturing Industry Consultative Council
The MICC provides a forum for the manufacturing industry to highlight to Government emerging opportunities and issues for manufacturing and sectoral trends.

Industry Sustainability Working Committee
The Victorian Government established the Industry Sustainability Working Committee (ISWC) to provide advice on: the development of a strategic policy framework for sustainable business opportunities and employment; understanding the implications for employment and skills arising from efforts to improve business sustainability; and the development of an effective strategy for the development, growth and export of cleantech products and services.

Regional Development Australia
Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the Australian, state and territory and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia's regions. A national network of 55 RDA committees has been established to provide a strategic framework for economic growth in each region.

The RDA committee works to support informed regional planning; consult and engage with the community on economic, social and environmental issues, solutions and priorities; liaise with governments and local communities about government programs, services, grants and initiatives for regional development; contribute to business growth plans and investment strategies, environmental solutions and social inclusion strategies in their region.

Victorian Biotechnology Advisory Council
Provide advice to the Minister for Technology and the Department on how persistent market failures can be overcome and opportunities leveraged to support the growth of a dynamic and vibrant biotechnology sector in Victoria.

Victorian Electrolysis Committee
The Victorian Electrolysis Committee was  established under the Electricity Safety Act 1998 to establish and maintain standards for systems for cathodic protection and for the mitigation of stray current corrosion, provide advice to Energy Safe Victoria on any matter related to electrolysis and the regulations relating to cathodic protection and to the mitigation of stray current corrosion and encourage the development of new methods and technology to increase the efficiency of systems for the mitigation of stray current corrosion.

Victorian Information and Communication Technology Advisory Committee
The VICTAC provides strategic advice to the Assistant Treasurer/Minister for Technology and the Chief Technology Advocate (CTA) on the efficient and effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the Victorian Government, drawing on contemporary best practice in the corporate, ICT and government sectors.

The Victorian International Education Ministerial Advisory Roundtable
The Victorian International Education Ministerial Advisory Roundtable was established in 2014 to provide a regular opportunity for international providers, peak bodies, students and the State Government to share information on matters impacting the performance and growth of the sector. The role of the Advisory Roundtable is to provide advice to the Minister and to share information on emerging issues, and to facilitate coordinated action across providers and government. Currently scheduled to meet around twice annually, the Advisory Roundtable is driving a collaborative and strategic approach to the development of Victoria's international education sector.

Victorian Manufacturing Council VMC
The Victorian Manufacturing Council (VMC) provides advice to the Minister on a broad range of issues affecting Victoria's manufacturing industry.